Sound Advice 44: Kevin E. Taylor

We are pleased to present our 44th installment of Sound Advice featuring Kevin E. Taylor.  Kevin is a San Francisco-based artist.

Sound Advice 44

01. UMO (original) by OOIOO
02. Skull of a German by The Jesus Lizard
03. No More Fighting Cats, OK? by Des Ark
04. Wax and Wane by Cocteau Twins
05. Dizzy Dizzy by CAN
06. The Platform On The Ocean by Arthur Russell
07. The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep) by Sunn O)))/Boris
08. When You Know Love by Little Wings
09. Haunted Hymns by Tim Cohen
10. Sworn To The Dark by Watain
11. Your Flag Decal won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore by John Prine
12. Freedom by Charlie McAlister
13. Elijah by Donald Byrd
14. Obscene & Pornographic Art by Bongwater
15. Independence by This Heat
16. Six Cold Feet by Gories
17. Flower Exhaust by Saare
18. Damaged Goods by Gang of Four
19. Chipping Ice by These Are Powers
20. Erase by Neurosis & Jarboe


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