Inspected Gadget: Anti-Radiation iPhone Case by Pong

Do you live in fear of radiation melting your grey matter? Do you use your wired headphones to make calls all the time? Check out that gold strip on the inside of that case – it’s supposed to help reflect radiation away from your noggin… The Pong Anti-radiation iPhone case is here to save your brain from the cell phone radiation waves that are potentially hurting you.

Check out the Pong site for a frightening animation and description of how it works.

Originally via Uncrate.

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  1. CSN

    Hooray, it’s a “physics-based solution”!

    Never mind that it’s on the side of the phone away from your head. It can’t “suck” the radiation away from the other side. Never mind that “passive antenna coupling” is a completely unrelated ham radio technique. The gold “antenna” in the case is in no way connected to the phone’s antenna.

    Don’t reinforce this bullshit by passing it on uncritically. Pretty pictures do not science make.

  2. If the pong really worked it would interfere with the signal from the microwave tower and you could not make or receive a call

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