the world’s best toaster

Magimix Le Toaster Vision

Someone got it right. When this toaster hits the market (Europe only for now), it will undoubtedly be the best (and probably the most expensive). By being completely transparent, you’ll be able to get just the right color for your toast.  Video after the jump


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  1. Nifty, but I couldn’t melt the cheddar on my homemade burritos with it like I can with my toaster oven. Toasted bread sandwiches are the best, at any rate, and there is definitely a science to getting it just right. Speaking of burritos, I might have invented a pretty cool new one: The vegetarian sausage burrito- It’s the same as a bean burrito(i.e. melted cheddar, chopped onions, taco sauce and preferably a whole wheat tortilla) but the main ingredient is a fried-vegetable oil patty of Smart Life “Gimme Lean” vegetarin sausage, which tastes so much like real sausage imho, all it really lacks is those tiny bits of casing you sometimes get with the real thing. I’m fine with that, and I should mention Morningstar veg sausage is a recommended substitute, only the former come in the Jimmy Dean-style tube packaging and Morninstar comes frozen. Theoretically then, Smart Life would probably rock, when grilled, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  2. Carl

    Wrong – the world’s best ever toaster was the Krups type 119 long slice toaster with two 11″ long & wide slots with defrost & reheat controls. Nicely toasts four large slices of toast like Orowheat. Most all other long slots are only 10″ long. Unfortunately no longer made and I have to guard mine as everyone wants to steal it. What is wrong with dumb toaster makers not to market this type again?

  3. Carl

    add the follow up requests

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