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Banksy goes to Sundance (Trailer here)

**And is this, Banksy’s “Exit through the Gift Shop” an 85 minute documentary being billed as the Spotlight Surprise?

via @nuart09

last image via, White Lotus Cooks

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  1. Thanks for crediting the photos! The squirrel photo was actually taken in Notting Hill, London, not Park City. I like all your pictures of the day.

  2. fragilecow

    Top photo was actually taken by me… glad you found it. The piece can be found on the south side (uphill) of Cows (cafe) on Main St.

    Also check out banksy.co.uk for pics of other works in SLC and Park City.


  1. Banksy in #SLC | Ruqus - Jan 20th, 2010

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