Conspiracy Theories about the Earthquake in Haiti

These were bound to pop-up.

“What was HAARP up to on January 12, 1010? The official HAARP facility is located in Gakuna, Alaska. The conspiracy theory claims that HAARP could be used as directed-energy weapon, weather control, an earthquake induction device and/or for mind control.”

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  1. Spooky_Juice

    This is NOT a conspiracy theory. It’s amazing that for years there have been some ‘respected’ people on many forums that have done nothing but do their best to disrespect and discredit ‘theories’ that ironically have been coming true for quite some time now. For years we have been ‘taught’ what to wear and what to ‘believe’. Then when an issue of debate comes in to play they get someone that people have been ‘trained’ to listen to and then the argument ceases because that person said so. This has been done for many years and people have been DUPED to believe the actual truth. Those that disbelieve have been labeled ‘crazies’ and ‘unstable’.

    What happened in Haiti was atrocious! There has been so much bloodshed that it’s beyond unspeakable. I don’t care what ‘respected’ person lands on the platform of the forum and states that HAARP does NOT have the capability to control the weather or create storms of such high magnitude. In FACT HAARP DOES have those capabilities even using ELF’s to create storms. I strongly think that people need to WAKE UP and stop believe everything they are being told due to the CONTROLLED reporting of the Main Stream MEDIA!

    So far it’s been reported that over 200,000 are dead in Haiti due to this horrific tragedy. It’s also NOT a coincidence that the MILITARY of the US of A is over there ‘delivering’ aid. Every time we turn around it seems the US is entering another country under the guise of HELP and the next thing you know that country is a part of the US.

    How can this be when the US is supposed to be in DEBT and the ECONOMY is BAD? Where did the money and supplies come from yet the jobs are SCARCE?

    What happened in Haiti is terrible! The devastation that the people are suffering surpasses my comprehension! I blame HAARP and the NWO for this mess! It is even more horrible to say that I think this happened as another smoke screen because of the shaking that happened in COPENHAGEN and some wheeling and dealing needs to take place quickly in order to implement the big BANG, the real NWO.

    Where is the next country that needs to fall in line and suffer devastation in order to be brought under the control of the powerful few? Some may say that I am wrong for stating this but to me it falls in line with every other pattern of devastation that has taken place.

    The US is UNDER ENGLAND and has been for a long time. The US has been the whipping boy and IS RESPONSIBLE for bringing about the NWO. England right now is right where they want to be and that is front and center on the STAGE that they have been planning for years. That is a MAJOR REASON why other countries hate the US. This IS TRUE.

    My heart goes out to the families that have suffered because of this madness. I think that HAARP did create this to devastate HAITI. It’s a crying shame that people will NOT wake up! Look at the patterns in History and connect the dots! If you are brave enough do your research on HAARP and the OTHERS. Remember 2 things: 1, When something doesn’t make sense, SEEK OTHER SENSE. 2, FOLLOW the MONEY HONEY!!

  2. chris

    I think you need to read An unbroken agony by Randall Robinson a book about Haiti and how the US assited in overthrowing democraticly elected by the Haitan people Jean Betrand Aristride, the US has messed up Haiti since they were the first black republic so the thought of them doing this does not surprise me

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