Sound Advice 34: Toby Allen

We are pleased to present our 34th installment of Sound Advice featuring music selections by Toby Allen.  Toby hails all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

Sound Advice 34

01.  Intro by Tobler.1  Pause Tape
02.  Introduce Me by Yall So Stupid
03.  The Rep Grows Bigga by Gang Starr
04.  I-Ha by Tha Dude
05.  Talk Like Sex by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
06.  Guys and Girls by Apathy
07.  Down In New York City by Evidence
08.  Life Ain’t Easy For Ya’ll by Brother Reade
09.  Lonely by Intuition
10.  Pause by Extented Famm
11.  Sally (That Girl) by Gucci Crew II
12.  Dippin by King Tee
13.  We Want Some Pussy by 2 Live Crew
14.  Rock da spot by Redman
15.  Running Wild w/ E-40 & Evidence by Cunninlynguists
16.  The Truth by Jake One ft. Freeway & Brother Ali
17.  Of All Time by Dom. Kennedy
18.  On Our Way by Tanya Morgan
19.  Shiiiiiiiiit by Outro


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