99X NYC Closed; R.I.P.


It’s clobberin’ time. Remember wondering where to get your Docs, Fred Perry gear, Merc suits, Vans, creepers, braces, football club scarves? Back in the day, 99X in NYC was the top shop to pick any of these up or even have them custom ordered. The staff knew their shit –  Hardcore, ska and punk (in that order) discoveries old and new, domestic and international, were always in rotation in the store. They’re closed as of now due to either the pressures of time or money. Maybe the wall of death of competition knocked them down on the dance floor: copycat stores on St. Mark’s, internet stores, malls, and local Fred Perry and Ben Sherman outposts could have killed the love. In the photo above, a worker can be seen scraping stickers off the wall. Looks like someone was smart enough to grab the store sign and flag. R.I.P.!

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  1. Cameron

    Thats the old owner =(

  2. That sucks! I was just in there a few months ago looking for some vans. Lame!

  3. Cordelia Winton

    Oh NO! I have a credit there for a dress that didn’t fit! What to do?

  4. John

    this is terrible. The last thing I bought there was a toddler size fred perry for my little boy. So bummed its gone.

  5. Did anyone else ever hear the old story of DMS robbing 99X for Docs? Alwys wondered if there was truth to that or if it was hearsay?

    The end of an era. 99X somehow outlasted Moon Records (Downstairs, Coney Island High and CBGB’s though. East Village, R.I.P.

  6. I’d been shopping 99X since they were on 9th Street. Moved away 10 years ago but everytime I’m in town, I head over to see what’s new. I’m here now, checking to see what hours they’re open and am so sad to see that they closed…

  7. Laura

    moved from 7th street, right? Down the stairs into oblivion. Definitely an RIP for the east village…

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