Sound Advice 27: Revok


We are pleased to present our 27th installment of Sound Advice featuring Revok. Revok lives in Los Angeles and enjoys vandalizing, traveling, and blogging about what life is like for a King of Los Angeles graf.

Sound Advice 27

Revok’s Quiet Storm

Side A

01. Don’t Explain by Nina Simone
02. This Night Has Opened My Eyes by The Smiths
03. Unmade Bed by Sonic Youth
04. The Flame by The Black Keys
05. Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles
06. I Don’t Know Why by The Rolling Stones
07. Guess I’m Doing Fine by Beck
08. Babe, You Turn Me On by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
09. Harvest Moon by Neil Young
10. The Funeral by Band of Horses
11. A Blueprint Of Something Never Finished by The Six Part Seven
12. The Tourist by Radiohead
13. Lord by Sleepy Sun
14. Rockets by Cat Power
15. Castles Made of Sand by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
16. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynard
17. Echoes by Pink Floyd
18. Black Magic by Portugal The Man
19. Jump In The Pool by Friendly Fires
20. Close To Me by The Cure

Side B

21. Man’s Temptation by Isaac Hayes
22. Startstruck by Santogold
23. Only You by Portishead
24. Call My Name by Prince
25. Since I Had You by Marvin Gaye
26. If you Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone
27. My Lover’s Prayer by Otis Redding
28. Sugar by Lenny Kravitz
29. Love is Stronger Than Pride by Sade
30. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart by Al Green
31. Love TKO by Teddy Pendergrass
32. Her Ghost by Jon Brion
33. Looking for Another Pure Love by Stevie Wonder
34. Just Like a Woman by Joe Cocker
35. Voyage To Atlantis by The Isley Brothers
36. Purrfect by Funky Porcini
37. Tea Leaf Dancers by Flying Lotus
38. All That You Give by Cinematic Orchestra
39. Ball & Chain by Anthony Hamilton
40. Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) by Aretha Franklin
41. I Cover The Waterfront by Billie Holliday
42. A Love Supreme by Alice Coltrane


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  1. jefferson ramirez

    Revok has lots of taste

  2. D-TECk

    didnt know they were posting:( im a pretty good tagger not as good just give me a couple i need to work on my lettering then characters

  3. D-TECk

    is the link down or what?

  4. Link doesn’t work.

  5. the enablist

    Hold Up for a sec, things just got weird on media fire again.

  6. ninikel


  7. Hi TWBE, the links are really not working. May I suggest – An account there shall do it. I really wanna listen to Revok’s playlist the way it is without browsing youtube 🙂 Many thanks, hope’s gonna solve soon. All best!

  8. any way to re-up this link? thanks. by the way, this is my new favorite blog. great shit!!

  9. the enablist

    I’m uploading another link now. Media Fire gets all janky when lots of people are downloading the same thing. Rapid share is really reliable but they make you wait. Thanks for your support and patience

    The Enablist

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was dying at work until this link went live. Much appreciated!!

  11. I downloaded the first link (new link) and only got two tracks that are about one and a half hour long and contains these songs. How could I get them separately without starting editing them and such.

  12. chris

    Excellent mix. I can’t count how many times I listened to this. Thanks.

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