Sound Advice 23: We Love You So


We are pleased to present our 23rd installment of Sound Advice featuring We Love You So.  We Love You So is Spike Jonze, Dallas Clayton, Graham Kolbeins, Molly Young, and Matt Rubin.

Sound Advice 23

01. Lust For Life by Girls
02. Wake Up (WTWTA trailer version) by Arcade Fire
03. I Want a Dog by Pet Shop Boys
04. Hey There Stranger by Pamela Blue
05. The Wimp by Capybara
06. Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes) by Gene Pitney
07. Yekermo Sew by Mulatu Astatke
08. Water To Wine by Saintseneca
09. Tong Poo by Yellow Magic Orchestra
10. Rumpus by Karen O and The Kids
11. Overnight Religion by Kurt Vile
12. Green Bean (Binki Shapiro) by Green Bean
13. No Time, No Hope by Times New Viking
14. Ode to an African Violet by Mort Garson
15. Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi by Alaska y Dinarama
16. Overmuch by The Long Lost
17. Turkey Sandwich by Mika Miko
18. Poet, Fool or Bum by Lee Hazlewood
19. Hultsfred ’98 by Jens Lekman
20. Seigneur Apprends Moi by Hermas Zopoula


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  1. Ben

    It isn’t working.

  2. i can’t get it to work, still.

  3. mowgli

    link is blokey!

  4. the enablist

    Sorry about that folks, all fixed.


    The whole playlist is one long song!

  6. broches

    track two is just the sound from the teaser (storm and howling and all) not the whole song… what a scam!

  7. kdm

    Do I need a password? Peazip asks for one…

  8. Mowgli

    Its still blokey. Rapidshare sez you have to become a Premium User in order to download.

  9. Rob

    It says I need to be a premium member.

  10. gen sigh.

    eh. just keep trying… msg means load is too great on rapishare, it will come good eventually… having said that.. not really worth it… mp3? if it had been an mp4 it could at least have chapters with artist/title! and 128bit? is like watching an awesome movie on warn out VHS tape… underwater. nice but no biscuit.

  11. lauren

    this is perfect.

  12. the enablist

    Thanks All.
    Our purpose in Sound Advice is to keep them as similar to the tapes we used to mix, when there were tapes to be mixed. You can fast forward if you don’t like the song. It’s a test in patience though, which we all seem to be without these days. relax and enjoy the music.


  13. Alaska y Dinarama rules ! “Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi” is their best track. Pure Madrid’s 80 Sound!

  14. Awesome ! Thanks a lot !

  15. olive

    <3 saintseneca. those kids are great!

  16. WTF is Capybara?!?!? — new favorite song / band. do they tour?

  17. Capybara’s whole album is great. They’re an up and coming indie from Kansas. Do yourself a favor and go to

  18. legendary

    can someone split these up…PLEASE



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