Sound Advice 22: Faile

We are pleased to present our 22nd installment of Sound Advice featuring Faile. Faile is a Brooklyn-based Artist duo.
Sound Advice 22
01. The Cop by The Knife
02. Alphabet Pony by The Kills
03. UK by Burial
04. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side by The Magnetic Fields
05. Come Sail Away by Styx
06. Been So Long by Vetiver
07. Beach in Hawaii by Ziggy Marley
08. Highway Patrolman by Bruce Springsteen
09. The Chauffeur by Duran Duran
10. Hang On by Dr. Dog
11. Rebellion (Lies) by The Arcade Fire
12. No Time for Time by Tommy Guerrero
13. The Turn by M.I.A.
14. Satta Massaganna by Josh Roseman
15. Here Comes Your Man by Pixies
16. The Long Shadow by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
17. Fine For Now by Grizzly Bear
18. Iron Lion Zion by Bob Marley
19. Little Dreamer by Van Halen
20. Drum Gets a Glimpse by Liars
21. Armigedon Time by The Clash
22. Kiss Kiss Kiss by Yoko Ono
23. Isolation by Joy Division
24. Golden Hen by Tenor Saw
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  1. This is my favorite mix series on the net. Stoked on the artists you choose and their selections. Pretty much quality all the way through

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