Sound Advice 12: Justin Van Hoy


We are pleased to present our 12th installment of Sound Advice featuring Justin Van Hoy.  Justin is a Los Angeles based designer and east coast transplant, who along with his wife Holly and their two cats, the Garcia Brothers lives in Highland Park. He designs books and draws things to make rent and has a pistol in case anything gets weird on “the avenues”.

Sound Advice 12

01. Dishes by Pulp
02. Uptown by Primal Scream
03. Sketch for Summer (Remastered) by The Durutti Column
04. Black Sheep Blues by Tommy Guerrero
05. I Wonder by Rodriguez
06. Herstory of Glory by Do Make Say Think
07. That’s the Punch Line by The Walkmen
08. Life’s a Gas by T.Rex
09. Heart of the Country by Paul McCartney
10. Prairie Rose by Roxy Music
11. Age of Consent by New Order
12. The London Radar by Cornershop
13. I Wanna Live by The Ramones
14. Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath
15. I Remember You by The Ramones
16. Twenty Four Hours by Joy Division
17. Lost in the Supermarket by The Clash
18. Cyndi by Yardwork (NC)
19. Harness & Wheel by Kingsbury Manx
20. Picasso’s Last Words by Paul McCartney & Wings


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