Sound Advice 11: Caleb Neelon


We are happy to present our 11th installment of Sound Advice featuring Caleb Neelon. Caleb is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based professional teenager.

Sound Advice 11

01. Dalai Llama by Caddyshack
02. Susie Q by Dale Hawkins
03. Don’t Care by Circle Jerks
04. I’m a Little Mixed Up by Betty James
05. River Euphrates by Pixies
06. Sweet Musille by The Corporation
07. E.V.A. by Jean-Jaques Perrey
08. The Funky Technician by Lord Finesse
09. Mona Bone Jakon by Cat Stevens
10. Sound System by Operating Ivy
11. Wop Do Wop by Electronicat
12. Ring of Fire by Ray Charles
13. Get Out Of My Life Woman by Allen Toussaint
14. I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone by Johnny Nash
15. Chairman Of The Board by Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny
16. I Against I by Bad Brains
17. You Can’t Blame The Youth by Bob Marley & The Wailers
18. Electra Loo by Fred Weinberg
19. Nite Safarie by The Black Star Sound
20. Dora by Motia
21. Can I Be Your Squeeze by Chuck Carbo
22. I Don’t Want to Grow Up by The Ramones


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