Sound Advice 08: Doug Haddow


We are pleased to present Sound Advice 08 featuring Doug Haddow.  Doug Haddow is a Vancouver-based writer/creative-consultant.

Sound Advice 08

01. Orange Tree by Lone
02. Angel by Common / The Game
03. Time Wars by Paul White
04. Yama Yama by Yamasuki
05. Beginners Falafel by Flying Lotus
06. One To Grow On by The UMC’s
07. Coelacanth by $tinkworx
08. Electric Feel by MGMT
09. Arkham by Spectre
10. Heaven by UNKLE
11. Kaset Hanzal by Omar Souleyman
12. Coat of Arms by Nosaj Thing
13. I Wonder by Kanye West
14. Linoleum by Company Flow
15. Jail by Busy Signal
16. Keep It Real by Lost Boyz
17. Dead Bent by MF Doom


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