Sound Advice 04: Kenzo Digital


We are pleased to present the latest installment of Sound Advice featuring Kenzo Digital. Kenzo is a New York-based Director and Producer.

Sound Advice 04

01. Nasty You by Sa-Ra
02. Say Goodbye To Love by Kenna
03. Lately [Sa-Ra Remix] by Sa-Ra
04. Everybody by Fonzworth Bentley ft. Kanye West & André 3000
05. Ladies Sing by Sa-Ra Creative Partners
06. Gangsta Lean by Clipse
07. 1nce Again by A Tribe Called Quest ft. Tammy Lucas
08. Footprints by A Tribe Called Quest
09. For My Peeps [Remix] by Red Hot Lover Tone ft. Notorious B.I.G.
10. Keep The Beat by Eric B. & Rakim
11. Life Is Like A Dice Game by Nas
12. Stress [Extra P Mix] by Organized Konfusion
13. Mecca And The Soul Brothers by C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock
14. Wake Up Show Anthem ’94 by Nas ft. Lauryn Hill
15. Gimme Yours [Remix] by AZ
16. One Plus One by Large Professor ft. Nas
17. I’ll Make U Famous [Remix] by Da Youngsta’s Illy Funkstas
18. Computer Love by Ghostface Killah
19. The Essence by AZ ft. Nas
20. Don’t Disturb This Groove by The System
21. Elevate Our Minds by Linda Williams
22. [Soul Track] by Unknown
23. Buttaflybeat by Koushik
24. Call My Name by Joe Bataan
25. Can We Try Love Again by Kool Blues
26. Can’t Hide Love (Live) by D’Angelo
27. [Soul Track 2] by Unknown
28. Sweet Tears by Roy Ayers Ubiquity
29. Is That Enough by Marvin Gaye
30. She Said by The Pharcyde
31. Black Cinderella by Sister Carol

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  1. diligence

    this is a dope compilation of tracks, listened to this all weekend. great mix

  2. chris

    perfect perfect perfect

    check out City of God’s Son by Kenzo Digital!


    This is great, never heard some of this material before crazy!

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