Sound Advice 03: Cleon Peterson


We are pleased to present our 3rd installment of Sound Advice featuring music selections by Cleon Peterson. Cleon is a Los Angeles-based Artist and Designer.

Sound Advice 03

01. I Am the Fly by Wire
02. You Know More Than I Know by John Cale
03. Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones
04. China My China by Brian Eno
05. He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) by The Crystals
06. White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground
07. Love Calls You By Your Name by Leonard Cohen
08. The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy by John Cale
09. Baby’s on Fire by Brian Eno
10. Stray Cat Blues by The Rolling Stones
11. Little Hitler by Nick Lowe
12. Gimmie Some Slack by The Cars
13. Kicks by Lou Reed
14. I Love the Sound Of Breaking Glass by Nick Lowe
15. Gun by John Cale
16. Avalanche by Leonard Cohen
17. Needles in the Camel’s Eye by Brian Eno


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  1. Flo

    I drove around Echo Park 3 times today with the windows down blaring this mix. No reggae, WTF?

  2. I can’t stop listening to this mix! Yo what up Flo?!

  3. hey, can’t wait to download this!

    this will two of us in echo park…

    all the best!
    david john… great site…

  4. Mike

    FYI, track 03 fails CRC and won’t extract; everything else seems to be fine.

  5. Mike

    Whoops! Wrong album; that report was meant for Sound Advice 04; sorry!

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