Sound Advice 01: Jay Howell


We are proud to present a new feature on The World’s Best Ever, Sound Advice.  Every Friday until further notice we’ll be presenting a mixtape created by one of our favorite people.  This series kicks off with Jay Howell, a San Francisco-based artist and all around kind dude.

Sound Advice 01

01. Tendency Right Foot Forward by Kleenex Girl Wonder
02. Block Of Wood by The Bats
03. Better Gardens, Better Homes by Butterglory
04. 2 Years 2 Days  by Sebadoh
05. Pink Frost  by The Chills
06. Cattle and Cane by The Go Betweens
07. The Puppet by Echo & The Bunnymen
08. Party Of The Mind by The Sound
09. Point that Thing Somewhere Else by The Clean
10. Pyromaniac  by The Verlaines
11. Angela by Jarvis Cocker
12. Take The Skinheads Bowling by Camper Van Beethoven
13. Freeway by Kurt Vile
14. Girls Go Out by Averkiou
15. Ha by HTRK

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  1. jay has kept me musically informed for over a decade.
    thanks for getting a mix out of him.
    your website is the best.

  2. Fantastic! 😉 Keep on doing this!

  3. Jon

    KGW!!! Wow, outstanding mix, thank you!!!

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