Pose MSK

Chicago’s own, Pose has been mesmerizing us with an insane color palette featuring letters and characters that put mostly everyone to shame.  Thankfully being the nice guy he is, Pose gave us the total spectrum of work to provide to you in slideshow format. Start taking notes.
More on the man himself over at We Are Supervision, and cop some of his prints here

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  1. pose nice job………………..


  2. #12 is Ewok, I didn’t finish looking through them, but yeah, it’s ewok not pose

  3. Assdick

    Venard….. of course its Ewok retard. Pose painted next to him at that skate park. Im sure they know its Ewok without your help fag boy.

  4. brightontownbaby

    pose is a style god. if i can ever get, even half so much swing, movement and agression into a piece i\’ll be a v happy bunny. peace

  5. anon

    #12 is pose.. it was an exchange noob.

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