we love/hate media temple


We hate when we are down, and love when we are up. We have had some tough times these last few months. Anyway today I spoke to a very nice and helpful, tech I believe his name began with a S, I do not want to butcher it or be wrong. S, was really helpfull and hopefully we solved our performance issues. Thanks again Media Temple  E>. TWBE

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  1. miguel

    nice to know it, cos I looooooooove this web
    keep it tigh!!!!

  2. Seb

    I’ve been a week now with Rackspace Cloud after being 3 (miserable) years with Mediatemple, and the speed is now UN-BE-LI-VEABLE!
    All the 3 years spent on the DV ‘EXTREME’ version at MEDIATEMPLE (so supposedly the top of their virtual servers…) I had thousands of downtime, slow processing, solr issues etc. I have lost tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars on loss of business + cost of maintenance with my developers trying to find out what was wrong with our scripts or with our CMS etc.
    Of course support @ Mediatemple always said it was our scripts and never the server. But now that we are with a new host, we find out that there is no problem. The load/resources issues were with THEM!

    One simple advise: DON’T GO WITH MEDIATEMPLE if you are a sane person

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