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Another music-based Best of Belgium, this one focused not on an aging Belga-Franco rock demi-god, but instead on an up-and-coming duo called Madensuyu.  I saw these waffle-eating spankers opening up for Wolf Parade a couple of months ago.  As I was wondering to myself how much better the sound is at a venue that has Duvel on tap, Madensuyu dropped the hammer and had me rockin’ like a hurricane on home-cooked Belgian meth.  Here they are on one of Belgium’s music tv shows called LUX.  Word of warning, start the video at 1:10 unless you understand Dutch.

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  1. the enablist

    waffle-eating spankers, thanks for that.

  2. [k]

    Well, it’s true.
    “We” eat waffles, and like to spank.
    Belgians in a nutshell. 😉

    Saw these guys in the opening for Sedan Vault, and they blew my socks off..!

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