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Greetings ladies and germs, Gene P back to slap a little more of Belgium’s best on the barbie for ya. Today’s offering is French pop idol Johnny Hallyday.  While some of you purists may argue correctly that Johnny is French, his father was Belgian, an affliction which we all know takes at least three generations to rid the blood line of.  And while Johnny is French by nationality, he is Belgian by hair style, his desperate desire to be American, and overall epic raditude.  In fact Johnny Hallyday signifies to me everything wonderful about being American; that despite all the hate for us in the world today, after 30 years he can still pack massive european soccer stadiums just by covering Neil Diamond songs.  Johnny, you are Belgium and we salute you today as one of it’s best.

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  1. the enablist

    I hope you made that graphic yourself and plan to put it on a denim jacket

  2. Gene P

    Yeah, it’s actually a gift I’ve been working on to send off to

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