Robert Williams’ Appetite for Destruction

One of the highlights of the Scope Miami fair is at the booth of Western Canon / Symbolic.  On the booth’s wall hangs a piece of Art and Rock n’ Roll History, Robert Williams’ Appetite For Destruction.  You may remember this as the original cover for Guns ‘n Roses album of the same name but, the painting was executed in 1978, long before the music.  If anyone can afford the $350,000 price tag, they should go ahead and buy this awesome painting. (Click for big) GNR cover after the jump.

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  1. Sean Byrne

    I have the limited edition print for the band members. Mine supposedly was the manager’s. It has the beautiful frame with the skull and cross bones in the corners. Any idea how much these sell for ?
    I ask as I consider parting with it.
    Love to hear any feedback.

    Sean (England)

  2. John McGlovering


    Not worth so much, nowdays…
    About $500 a piece. i’ve got the same.

  3. Sean

    Thanks John. Good to know. Happy new year to you !

  4. Mark

    I’d be interested in it.

  5. Johnny

    I Have a 8’x4′ on canvas done by someone in the 80’s unsigned but still awesome.

  6. ZogZog

    It’s not worth much. Oh by the way, I’ll buy it. I don’t want to seem too interested or anything, because its not worth much, but I’ll pay any reasonable price.

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