Britain Still Sucks

Gene P here, back from the dead to let you know, just in case you forgot, Britain still sucks my slimy ass.  I was in London a couple of weeks ago seeing TWBE first mate Chazz Constantine’s display at London design week and while sucking down beer that was flatter than the cottage cheese arsed girls flapping at the bar, I happened upon a catalogue which could only be created in the land of bangers and mash.  Who but a fat roast beef-faced brit needs a place where one could order incontinence pants, an invisible urinal, adult bib, the world’s lightest shoe AND a 65 piece 3D model all in one place?!  Being still in the old world I don’t know the new image viewer, so you’ll have to follow me after the jumperama-slamajama to see the rest of the ads…..

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  1. c_quOI

    I think I would agree with that, but you must remember the English state. this very old country needs to follow this crew which is heading it. except for this lately fashionable habit that all the chicks are wearing the same Wellington boots as Beth’, the famous Hunter plastic boots…. so that very old low stylish crew is ruling the fashion too, therefor , we find these types of ads for free, everywhere, at the same time of the famous event THE fashion weaks, uuuh week…
    it’s quite insane…..!??
    Shocking you may say? ….PSYCH!!!!

  2. Lithuania is WAAAAAYYYYY better!

  3. Gene P

    I’d rather be called a flathead than roast beef face.

  4. c_quOI

    could be a great idea, a culinary battle!
    beacon VS roast beef !!!!!!!!

  5. Number 5

    Gene P – Your girlfriend is a roast beef face! Ditch that dog! Just because she’s french doesn’t make her a babe! I expect better out of you. And C_Quoi – Your post makes absolutely no sense. Learn how to speak English! Or maybe you were just drunk?

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