How to assemble an Hermès mannequin

Jingle jangle my methed-out middle westerners, it’s your Tambourine Man here, Gene Parmesan, coming at you with some fresh shit hot off the streets of Lille, France. While scavenging for change to buy a Fanta, I stumbled upon this beauty; it’s an Hermès mannequin assembly guide and indeed, quite a thorough instruction set to boot (there are like 5 steps).  This insightful read answers all the hairy questions you wanted, but were too scared to ask.  Consider: if you were building a person, what would go first?  The head?  No, that goes on the top above the neck and there’s no head anyway.  How bout the feet!  Next….. hmmmmm, the torso perhaps?  Gene P’s fav chapter is about the always tricky ‘right hand placement’: (spoiler alert) It goes down my pants.  Imagine, if only Andrew McCarthy had a manual like this in the movie Mannequin……

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  1. Jerk Master 5000

    Gene, stop wasting your time in Europe with these silly mannequins and get your fine ass back to NYC! Word on the street is that you’re only dating a ‘5’, so stop wasting your time and come back to the states to chill with the hotties!

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