FYI Italian Ban On Public Privates-Scratching

crotch grab

Italy’s Court of Appeal has issued a new hands-off landmark ruling – outlawing men from scratching their crotches in public.
The ruling says that blatant scratching or holding is “an act contrary to decorum and public decency”.

Superstitious Italian men often hold or touch their private parts for good luck when they see a hearse or to ward off bad luck – the equivalent of touching wood in Britain.  Do you really need a law for this, is it really that bad?

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  1. Sassynebrasky

    “The equivalent of ‘touching ‘wood’ in Brittain.”

    Does anyone see the irony in that? The Brittain’s can touch wood in public, but the Italian’s can’t touch their own wood in public. Life just isn’t fair.

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