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Recently in a conversation fueled by the obvious vices, it was agreed upon that a heavier, more literary voice could be beneficial for a series of movie reviews. Luckily I did not have search far, as the conversation was held with the man who would take it upon himself to fill this role. With that I present for your reading pleasure, the reviews of my old, grizzled friend Flats.
This week, No Country For Old Men.

**Enablist’s note: For those who have not seen this movie or read the book, but want to, don’t read this. If you could care less, like the most of us, go for it.

No Country. Read the book, saw the movie, had beers on both coasts. Chatted with Playboy Bunnies at the Mansion, worked with two talented directors, flirted with ex-girlfriends and told them we should bang, politely smiled and engaged diatribe with beautiful female colleagues upon my return to New York. No Country indeed.

What a fucking country. But what shall we do with it, is the question at hand. Cormac McCarthy is this weeks place to start, a man of value beyond words. The modern day western writer, the apocalyptic father of our present literary world. Drop your satchel, kid, ain

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  1. Anonymous

    If I have the displeasure of meeting you, i will do right by my parents and kick you in the balls you fucking prod.

  2. Phil

    To whom it may concern:

    Don’t have “want to be novelists” write movie reviews, or book reviews for that matter. Especially when they give away the fucking ending to the story.

    Hey flats, I just want to thank you. I now dont have to finish the last 100 pages of the book, or waste a few hours enjoying myself at the movies. I hope your boyfriend dumps you, you stupid fat fuck.

  3. Anonymous

    With a write-up like that, you should burn in hell!!!!!

  4. Floyd

    Nice job Flats.

    Hey Dr. Phil – get a life.

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