bowie on the block


David Bowie is on the Sotheby’s block at the end of November, you can buy some vintage t-shirts for a couple $1000.00 each. Or you can pick this little gem up.

“Fans of a certain age will remember well the nervousness they felt when DB was arrested, along with three others, at the Americana Rochester Hotel in the early hours of March 21st after a show at the War Memorial in Rochester, New York.

Press reports on both sides of the Atlantic screamed “Bowie Busted” (still have the cuttings) and there was genuine concern that our man could be sent down for fifteen years after he was charged with “fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana”.

Anyway, after raising the $2,000 bail each for himself and his companions (who included one James Osterberg, Jr.) David returned to have his picture taken four days later on the 25th.

Above are the fruits (steady) of that photographer’s labour in what has to be the coolest busted rock star photograph of all time.” Via (david Bid now on ebay.

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