Gene Parmeshawn: DON’T go buy now!


Greetings you scat-daddy scallywags, as your Main Man Gene P curled up with his favorite Wednesday night accoutrements: a 22 of the Balantine and a bag of crab chips to watch his favorite Wednesday night primetimer: Kid Nation, he was met with the very screen you see above. At first I thought I might have eaten one of those Fisher Price toys with the GHB in it, but I remembered my roommate already took those to a party in Bushwick. Then what was I seeing? Russian spy messages? A heated game of Pong??? Nyet! It was just my shitty TV doing what it does best, stopping me from getting awesome with the weekly radditude of CBS primetime. How was I to ever know if Green would make the Upper Class??? No worry, for any of you that are so hopelessly out of the loop, each show is archived on CBS’s website. These bad boys are too damn good to not share and we thank the fine folks at CBS for realizing that. So if you haven’t already, don’t delay cause this show is one not to miss. There’s a talent show where Olivia does stand-up, Green FINALLY wins upper class, and there’s no bonus reward cause the suckers on Yellow couldn’t finish the challenge. They also gave the gold star to some girl who I think wanted to go home or something, I’m not sure, at this point I was kind of bored so I started eating plastic stuff around the apartment to see if it could get me high. I kind of lost track of the show when I started choking on the stands for one of the Wii controllers.

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